Sunday January 19th, 2020

Regina, CANADA


What to be an AWE Exhibitor?
  • The AWE - The Bridal MarketplaceYou want your business to have its share of this exciting, expanding bridal industry. Be part of our Bridal Showcase that puts you in contact with hundreds of potential customers.
  • The AWE - Largest AttendanceYou will get to meet over 500 QUALIFIED brides-to-be and at least 1,500 members of their bridal party which includes bridesmaids (who are future brides-to-be), partners and mothers.
  • The AWE - Unbeatable ExposureThe AWE is the citys biggest wedding show which makes this an excellent opportunity for you to reach your target market. You simply will not see crowds like this at any other wedding show in Regina.
  • The AWE - Perfect TimingYou will meet QUALIFIED brides-to-be at the January show who have just started planning and have not yet reserved the services or the products your business provides.
  • The AWE - Trade Show ExcellenceThe Who's Who of the bridal industry showcases at The AWE because it is simply the biggest and best show in the city and it sets the standards for all other wedding-related trade shows in the province.
  • The AWE - Target Your AudienceEveryone who passes your booth is either getting married or is involved in planning a wedding. You'll be getting your message directly and personally to the people you want.
  • The AWE - EffectivenessNo other form of advertising allows you to personally meet over 500 QUALIFIED brides-to-be. Many of our exhibitors find that they generate so much business each year from this one show, that no other major form of advertising is really necessary.
  • The AWE - One of a KindThis show is only once a year, so do not miss out on the opportunity to come face to face with hundreds of QUALIFIED brides-to-be. You simply will not see crowds like this at any other wedding show in Regina.
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